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Dynamite 180

** 180 - Homeopathic (1 oz Bottle)

Are you ready to turn your life around? Introducing Dynamite’s newest product, 180™. This homeopathic and herbal formula is designed to break your addiction to carbohydrates and sugars, while helping burn fat reserves. Some users experience weight loss of up to three pounds daily!

•  Regain health
•  Break unhealthy addictions
•  Find your potential!

One 1 oz bottle lasts approx. 18 days.

Retail $49.95 for a 1oz bottle plus shipping

Copy of 180 Protocol:   180Protocol.pdf
1.3 MB

If you are interested in the product, please watch our different videos by clicking here (don't forget to turn on your speakers!).  

To Order Go To: 


Click HUMAN then scroll to and click 180 by clicking you will find the necessary facts about the product and be able to order and have it shipped directly to your home .. please call or email me with any questions

Please be sure to download and read the 180 Protocol as it will help you with many of your questions .. I am also available if you need additional help.

call: 970 372-8665  or email


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